Diplomat International Forum

The Diplomat International Forum (DIF) is global initiative that connects Diplomats, Government officials, Civil Society, Private sector, Media and other key stake holders to facilitate positive dialogue, promote goodwill and create opportunities for them to work together to find solutions to the prevailing challenges facing our world.   We strongly believe in building partnerships that pave the way for implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As an independent global platform The Diplomat International Forum organizes events and activities to promote positive dialogue between people from different backgrounds, faiths and cultures with a view to building bridges of understanding based on Tolerance, Mutual Respect, and Human values.

Seminars & Conferences

Seminars and Conferences organized by The Diplomat International Forum brings together Diplomats, Government officials, Private sector, Civil Society, Media and other key stake holders to address the key challenges facing our world.

Working with Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Diplomat International Forum works closely with Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Culture of different countries to build positive associations and facilitate them to reach out and engage with the private sector, civil society and the business community